Monday, August 10, 2015

The Wind had Us Today

We set out this morning with the idea we would travel to Valcour Island in NY on L. Champlain. We were leaving from Mallets bay and the trip would be about 4 hours long in good conditions. As we left the inner bay the winds picked up and the waves were slamming us on the side of the boat, some waves were 3 feet high. After about 2 hours of this, and calling NOAA in Burlington, who said the winds would not die down, we decided to turn around.  As it turned out, the winds did die down for a bit, and we had a little rest and respite in a nice cove by Coates Island, where we had anchored previously. We had a nice rest out there, and then headed back in to the Marina, as all forecasts indicated high winds for tonight and tomorrow.

This was disappointing, and we realize (once more) that we are very challenged by this lake. But we are not giving up. It is supposed to be nice enough on Wed for the trip and we will try again.

Here are some photos. I hope you enjoy.

The houseboat nestled in the marina:

Heading WNW to the Cut

Wild Waves

Another houseboat

Heading back south to the marina:

SSE Heading:

Look to the Wind (Anemometer Strong Man)

Waterproof camera photos heading north

Early morning, calmish before the wildness

Wild waves

Anchored in the calm for a rest and a swim

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