Thursday, September 3, 2015

Last Days on the Boat, Butler Island to New England Powerboat Marina, and Vacation from Vacation

So, we stayed in City Bay, North Hero, until Saturday morning, August 29, when we headed out to Butler Island to hang out there and see friends again. When we arrived at Butler, we tried to set anchor, but saw soon that we were drifting as the wind picked up, so we decided to take up an offer from Ed and Tina, whom we met while walking the island earlier that week, to stay on their mooring. It was perfect. Our boat stayed settled, no matter the wind, and we had a lovely visit with them to tour their house, and they toured ours. So did friends, John and Bob. It was a lovely afternoon, and later that evening, Claude and I set out in the pedal kayak to visit John and Bob for a wonderful dinner.

The next morning we decided to pull up anchor early and set motoring for N.E. Powerboat Marina, on the Alburg Passage side of N. Hero, so that we could arrange for the boat to taken from the lake the next week.

When we arrived at the Marina, we were not pleased with the looks of the lake with the pea soup algae hanging out around there. We had seen it all along the passage, and were not sure we would be able to find clean water to swim in, even if we moved on. So, we took a room at an inn, (Ransom Bay) in Alburgh, and rode our bikes there for the night. The next day, Monday, we rode the bikes back to Killkare St. Park, to pick up our car.

That evening we decided we really didn't want to stay on Lake Champlain any longer. We looked on the internet, and thought about Lake Carmi, but then the next morning, I thought about Lake Willoughby, and sent Claude a link and the rest is history. Tonight, Thursday, is our 3rd night here in this gorgeous cabin, overlooking the magnificent lake. We have full cooking and a dishwasher, and washer dryer. Such luxury. And best of all, we have mountain air, and the water is crystal clear. Yesterday we went out for a hike. Tomorrow, we will paddle board the lake, and bring a picnic on the boards.

Such a place, we are so happy to be here. even if it means leaving the tiny house.

On Saturday, we couldn't get a reservation here, so we are headed to another inn by bike for the night. More on that another time.

I hope you enjoy these photos.

Butler Island, Sunday Morning

On Ed and Tina's Mooring

Frozen, Watermelon, One of Our Treats

En Route to the Alburgh Passage

Alburgh Passage

Ransom Bay Inn

Ride to Killkare, Swanton/Alburgh Bridge

Riding Champlain

Corn Fields from the Car

Butler Island by Paddle Board

Leaving Lake Champlain in the Car

New Digs, Lake Willoughby, VT

Another Meal: Zucchini, Shitakes, Chicken Sausage, Tomato, Potato, Carrot, Onion, Garlic, Spices, Yum!

View from our Cottage

Stopping en Route to Willoughby

View from our Cottage

Hiking Moose Mountain

Paddling Lake Willoughby

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