Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We are finally here on Lake Champlain!.

We are finally here on Lake Champlain!. The sun is moving in and out between the rain storms. Here are some photos of our trip here.

The tiny house takes a breakfast break in Brattleboro.

The tiny house waits for the ferry and takes the ferry from Vermont to New York

Tiny House + Boat does not equal Houseboat yet.

Crane ride and boat assembly

All together, heave ho, the boat goes from land to water!

Three, two, one, lift off! and set down!
Wake with the Sun is back in the water

Finishing the job. 

Sitting in the water, not quite finished, but 
stopped for the day.


  1. Terrific, thanks for the blow-by-blow. Tiny House + Boat + Clarla = Good Times!
    Enjoy the summer.

  2. What a summer you'll have!
    Please write some poetry about it.

  3. Thanks so much. I hope to write some poems..