Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Somewhere over the rainbow, Mallets Bay

We had quite a day today. First we were visited by Michael, a former camp counselor of mine, and I made us some good ol' eggs, solar side up. Then we headed out to meet my friend Cliff who was going to meet us by Kayak. He had asked us to come to Marble island and we did. We set anchor and waited for him, and we were all sitting around and suddenly the wind came with huge rolling waves and knocked the house around and loosened the anchor and we started to drift toward a rock cliff. Luckily Claude was able to run the motor and bring us back to the marina and out of danger.

We were pretty shaken up by that experience. I have only a few photos of that. But also some pics of our excursion to a nearby cove at Coates Island yesterday. And our sunset cruise with my dear friend Myra.

And then photos of today's sunrise. And a stop in Winooski.

Finally of course there are photos of the rainbow, and the tiny house.

I am not sure why some of these photos appear with the wrong aspect ratio. As always, try clicking to see the bigger version.


Dinner at the Blue Paddle, South Hero

Yesterday, a swim in a cove

Duck family

Sunset Cruise


Tiny house sunrise

Cliff, heading in, Thunderheads

Calm before the storm

After the storm, back at the marina

Winooski, VT

Rainbow, Tiny House

After the storm, packing

Morning Paddle Pics

The big storm

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