Saturday, July 4, 2015

More About Arnold Bay

More About Arnold Bay

Arnold Bay in Panton, VT is named for Benedict Arnold, who had outsmarted the British by fleeing from their watch overnight north from here, on the NY side, and headed south. When they were holing up in what is now Arnold Bay, Arnold thought all was lost and burned what remained of his fleet, to head to Crown Point over land. 

Claude is getting better at predicting our minimum state of charge for the next morning, based on our usage after the sun goes and we stop charging the battery. This morning we woke in Arnold Bay to a cloudy sky, with the sun poking through. Our minimum charge of our 5 KwH battery was 78 percent.
Now we are closing in on 100 percent again.

Today I woke again to bird song, and there was a pair of loons. 

I set out to paddle and took these few photos.

Here are the pictures of the eggs, sunny side up, cooking, and the toast. Solar house flare...oh, I mean fare. 

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