Sunday, July 12, 2015

Home, Sweet, Home, Burlington

Well, I used to live in the Burlington, VT area, many years ago, when I taught at UVM. I lived in a small house in Winooski. Today I was going to have to move slips, and Claude is away, so I had to drive the boat myself. I was nervous about it all day, but the  harbor masters who work at the Burlington Boathouse Marina are so helpful, I was not too worried. Still I was waiting around for the 11 AM changeover, and the folks in our slip for the rest of this week were still there at 11:30. When I asked about the move, the Boat House folks said that we can do it later and I could stay where I was, without charge, so I decided to get on my bike and go for a ride.

First stop was to go to the Sweet Cook Kitchen store, to return something. Next, I biked around up the hill by UVM and then down into Winooski, a ride I used to do daily when I commuted to work. I rode over to Spring St to look at my old house. I won't really comment, but will just show the pictures, and say that it appears to have the same aluminum siding with the same paint as it did when I moved out 22 years ago. But the wrap around porch is mostly boarded up.

Then I made it down to Mallet's Bay Road so I decided to go up to the bay, and at the top of a hill in Colchester, I stopped at Brigante's Farm Market and bought some blueberries and pickling cukes, as I was very hungry. Then I headed into the bay, taking photos of most of the marinas I passed, except Calm Cove, so we will have to look that one up.

I made it back to the point on the bike path Claude and I had ridden to the other day and road back along the bike path. It's quite hot here, in the high eighties. When I arrived back at the boat, the Boat House folks were ready to help me move to my new slip. I drove the boat! Neither the docks, nor our boat, nor any other boat is the worse for it. Not even a close call!

At the end of these photos, you will see us settled into our new home, sweet tiny home. mini home, tiny house, now houseboat, Wake with the Sun.

PS When I was on the dock in front of the Boat House, many people came up to me and inquired about the house. Thanks to Claude, we now have cards to hand out with a URL for this blog, as well as the TinySol blog, and my video channel. When I have time I will add those links along side my blog.

Here are more photos from today. Enjoy your summer.

Winooski, Downtown:

My old house, Winooski: 

The Brompton Stops at a Farm Stand:

Mallet's Bay: 

Docked, at our new Home, Sweet Home:

Inside, It's a Little Cooler:

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