Thursday, July 9, 2015

Queen City, Maybe not for Mermaids

We are settling into Burlington.
Last night we ate at a delightful Himalayan restaurant up the street. Prior to that, we took a lovely ride on the bike path. I have no photos from the ride, but a nice photo of the sun setting into the house before dinner. We also did a great grocery shop with the Bromptons (much easier than Vergennes, and much more satisfying) at the City Market and Onion River Coop. Great food there. At the market we ran into my friend Mannie. Earlier, I met my friend Nancy. It's nice to be home.And, we have a slip, for now, which has its plusses and minuses over a mooring.

And, this morning began well. I woke early and went out on the paddle board. I was out for an hour, and then did an hour of yoga practice on the deck while Claude went for a run (a big bonus of having a slip).

Then I decided to go for a short swim to clean up. I took my swim buoy with me, for safety. This is bright orange. and floats, and makes me very visible. Too, visable, I guess, because the women who work at the boathouse called the coastguard on me, and they came after me and I had to leave the water. Bummer!

We had a nice breakfast at Henry's diner and I have some nice photos. Here they are...


The boathouse:

The view north:

The houseboat and the boat house:

Look! Out the window!

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