Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cormorant Convention

Cormorant Convention

We smell the fish
before we see the birds,

Kingsland Bay, Ferrisburg, VT

We had a great day today. Some work, some lounging. Some cooking. And a good deal of motoring. Around 1 PM, the winds picked up from the south, so we headed north, taking more than 3 MPH while using less than 600 Watts at any given time, most of the way. The waves were about 1-2 feet most of the way. It was a fun surf, and using our navigation map, we could follow the coves up to Kingsland Bay, where, it turns out, in addition to the day use state park, there is a mooring field. We set our anchor among the sailboats and motor yachts, and after a quick kayak ride around the bay, we settled into our cozy house while it poured outside. 

Here are some photos from this afternoon's trip and this evening in the bay.

And these pictures are from Kingsland Bay this evening, before the storm.

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  1. Beautiful poem. Keep the words and pictures coming.