Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Night, Arnold Bay

Friday Night, Arnold Bay

Today we woke again with the sun, or just prior to sunrise. I headed out on my paddle board while Claude worked on the boat. I'll show you some photos in a bit. Claude also paddled around and we had a nice breakfast of eggs, sunny side up (de rigueur in a solar house). I will have to take a photo of the breakfast soon. 

Then we motored for a couple of hours with the wind behind us. We traveled 3 MPH (walking speed) with relatively low wattage. We ended up in a small bay south of Button Bay State Park, called "Arnold Bay". There are cliffs of sedimentary rock, and the water is anywhere from 8 to 15 feet deep. There is a fresh water treatment plant on one side, and a dock and boat ramp where local boaters from nearby Panton put in and take out. We are camped here for the night, but earlier we hoped to go for a bike ride and out to dinner in Vergennes, which is about 6 or 7 miles away. We decided to try to dock the boat and then dump the bikes on shore, and moor the boat and then peddle kayak to shore and go for the ride. It all worked, actually, except the docking was tough in the wind. Luckily there were other folks on the dock to help us land. But we didn't end up having time to spend to eat a real dinner, but did have a nice salad at the 3 Squares Cafe. I will show you some photos from the ride too.
And then returning to the boat was a bit easier, as the wind has died down. We had a lovely sunset, and will soon have a late supper and then sleep.

Here are some photos from today.

Loon this morning at D.A.R. State Park

En route to Arnold Bay

Claude hard at work, even as the sun is setting


Carla at Sunset in Arnold Bay

The Tiny house back at D.A.R. State Park

The Tiny House back at D.A.R State Park

Video, if this works, not sure it will

Vergennes, VT, Otter Creek Falls

Claude with the Bromptons...

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