Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Burlington! We made it!

We had a strong following wind, and made the trip from Shelburne Farms to Burlington in about 1.5 hours. The waves out of Shelburne Bay were fierce, and sometimes we encountered 4 foot waves. We didn't know we had to enter the mooring field from the southern end of the breakwater, so we had to fight the fierce winds using 3KW at times, just to  make it into the mooring. So, our battery was lower than normal this morning. at 57 percent of its maximum. So, we have some juice until the solar panels start to charge, and they will. I can see a bright morning ski to the southwest. If you are in Burlington, please let me know. Come see the tiny houseboat on the lake. We are moored just south of Main Street, toward the south end of the mooring field.

Last night were went by pedal kayak to the dock and walked to dinner. Very nice. Very tropical winds. It was 79 degrees at 11 PM.

Here are some photos of the travels yesterday in the big winds, and our view this morning.

As always, click the photos for a bigger view.

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