Sunday, July 5, 2015

Favorable Winds

Favorable Winds

The winds were favorable yesterday, from the south, mostly, as we headed north. They are still favorable today. We are heading north, bit by bit, hoping to make it to Burlington at some point, to hang and explore and see friends. Today we are in Kingsland bay, and will stay there again tonight.

Favorable winds on our solar houseboat are winds that blow from behind, so we can move easily at 3 or so miles per hour, without having to use much power off the battery. We only travel during the day for that reason. and for safety. 

We are still trying to figure out how we will re-provision. We have yet to put the two bromptons into the pedal kayak to take them to shore. That will be a bit tricky, but of course it is doable. And, if we do make it to shore with the bikes, we can expect a long ride to the supermarket and a long ride back with a load of groceries. Adventures ahead, one way or another.

Here are some photos of this morning's sunrise and paddle in Kingsland Bay. As usual, click any of the photos to see a bigger version.

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