Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Moving Slips, Switching Winds, Neighbors, Friends, Blue-Green Algae

I've been thinking about a lot these past couple of days. A friend asked me what moving slips means. I have a photo of the slip we moved from and the slip we moved to. These are not the only slips that might move.


And then I was thinking about the blue-green algae bloom that happened just north of here yesterday, right near where I had swum. I saw the algae and tried to photograph it. I took some nice photos on that swim. When I was talking with my friend, John, I told him I swam with the cyanobacteria, and he asked me if I was tired of swimming with the manatees. Silly joke I know.

What's nice about this home-coming is that I have a nice tiny home to stay in, and lots of old friends to meet with. I visited Mannie yesterday, both in the tiny house, and in his fab office on the top floor of a condo building overlooking the lake. Then I saw my old buddy Mike was in the same building so I chatted with him too.

I am glad to be here. I hope you like some of these photos.

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Storm Clouds

This morning:

Good friends


Tiny House Morning

Rough Day Out There

Mannie at Work

My Mom, from an 05401 issue way back when

Have you heard about solar popcorn?


View from Mannie's Office

Swimming and Paddling Yesterday


New Neighbors

Yesterday Morning, From NoWhere, Rollers

The Board

Between North Beach and Leddy


First Thing Paddle out the house

From Nowhere, Rolling Ripples


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