Sunday, July 19, 2015

Do you sell gas? !!!!****$$$###

This afternoon I saw a couple in a two-person kayak hovering outside the houseboat. I stepped out and they asked me if I had any gas. When I explained we are fossil-fuel free, and that this was a solar houseboat, they were intrigued. So are most people who see the boat, so I hope you can come by and see for yourself.

We are still in Mallets Bay, and will be until Thursday morning, so do come by if you are around,.
When we are not out and about, we are happy to talk to you.

Yesterday it dawned on me it took 7 hours to boat here from Burlington, and 1 hour to bike back down there.

Here are some recent photos.

Parasailers at the mouth of the Winooski in Colchester

Bromptons go back to Burlington, from Mallets Bay

Stretching out at the farm stand

Nice sunset in Mallets Bay for dinner

Sunrise sunshine, Mallets Bay

Cliffside, near Marble Island

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