Monday, August 22, 2016

Wake with the Duck, Going Out for Breakfast, Clouds, Waves, Friends, Water Patterns, Winnipesaukee Sea, Blue Heron

One morning I woke not to the sound of a rooster (which would be unusual for around here) and not to the sound of the quiet lapping of waves against the boat, but to the sound of a duck, just in time for me to photograph the dawning day.

I've been thinking about my photographs, and how even though I wake in the same place each day, I find new perspectives to photograph. Whether it's the pine tree above me when I stretch on the deck, or a new cloud formation, sun breaking through the clouds, or time of day. Even the sunrise changes every day.

Yesterday we had a very windy day. It didn't start out so windy, but the gusts picked up to 26 mph while we are out and about. We picked up two friends from the  Boston area at about 10:30 and headed toward Blueberry Island via Three-Mile Island. Since it was Saturday, there was a lot of boat traffic on the lake and we had lots of folks coming up to us, asking about the boat. Our friends brought some nice farmstand corn and tomatoes. As we were underway, I cooked up 8 eggs, solar-side up, courtesy of our sun, and cut some fruit and tomatoes and toasted some bread. We had just passed the Appalachian Mountain Club Three-Mile Island Camp when the breakfast was ready. I suggested we anchor out so we could all enjoy the breakfast together. So, we did, anchor near Hawksnest Island, and we are "out for breakfast."

That's kind of nice, that we can set anchor anywhere during the day here, and change our perspective and have a nice breakfast. A bit later, before we reached Blueberry Island, I brought out the corn and we all had our corn too. I cook the corn in the microwave by first wetting it, in the husk, and then putting two ears (in husk) in the microwave at full power for 3 minutes.

The corn was delicious. After we anchored at Blueberry, we went for a swim around the boat and soon headed back to Shep's to bring our friends back to their car. Back at Shep's, we met some of our AMC Three-Mile Island Week Niner acquaintances, who were heading out Three Mile for their week nine on the lake. We chatted and let them know we will be heading there this Wednesday to give a presentation and tour of the boat.

On our way back from Shep's we called our Gilmanton  friends who had been planning to go to Blueberry yesterday too, and we were able to meet up with them, too, but at Five Mile Island in the lee of the wind. We had a lovely sit-down in the houseboat with them and then headed back to Bear Island through some three-foot waves and strong winds. We used a bit of battery coming home, but this morning, we are back to a full tank, not quite what we call "blinking green" but
at 100 percent.

Blinking green is our term for when out battery is completely full so that is not accepting any charge. The stage just prior to that is that the battery indicates that it is 100 percent full, but it can still accept charge due to the small persistent load of the inverter, charge controller, and other peripherals. We haven't really needed to monitor our battery regularly, but we do, especially when we are under way and there are strong winds or the sun is not out.

Oh, and I have photos of a helicopter, and lots of waves, the duck on the transom, a blue heron, the water washed up on the deck from the waves, and some cool sailboat photos.  Plus two monster boats we passed on the way to Shep's from Y-landing.

In any case, here are my recent photos. I hope you enjoy.

My Friend, the Blue Heron (more below)

Wake With the Sun Out in the Waves

Our friends took some photos of us when we were out in the wild water.

A Wake with the Sun Breakfast

Sunrises, Wake with the Sun Wake, and Clouds from August 18

Wake with the Sun Wake

Trying to Capture our View of Mt. Washington from our Sunset Cruise

Even though we all know Mt. Washington is the highest peak in NH, from Lake Winnipesaukee, you can only see it from such a great distance that it appears smaller than the other mountains. 

Clouds and Sunset Cruise Views


Sleeping Beauty

Morning Light, Inside

The Girls Camp Boat, Saying Goodbye to Camp

And Boys Camp Boat

And Big Honking Boats

And Small Honking Boats

 Cairns at Blueberry Island

View to Five and Six Mile Into the Wind

Friends Aboard

Friends who atteneded WUMB's Summer Acoustic Music Week stopped by on their way home.

Sailors in the Wind

Motoring Friends


So much interest in our boat

Clouds, Wind

 Claude, At his Best, Shining

Clouds, Wind, Waves, Sun

Nightlight: With the shades up, the solar dock lights make night lights inside

Sunrise, Sunday 20 Aug

Tree Branches, Close Up

Tree, Clouds, Roof

Deck's Eye View of the Lake

Duck Sleeps on the Transom, Wakes, and Swims Away

Sunrise after the storm

Water Patterns

People on the Trail... Bikers, Walkers, Dogs

Wind on the Water from our Dock - Winnipesaukee Sea

Blue Heron on the Dock

Another day Out on the Waves, This time on Anchor

We brought our friend out to see what riding on the boat was like on a windy day. We took the boat out just to the wind's edge at the lip of our cove. Here are some of the photos.

Driving the boat with knuckle-biting winds...2200 watts 4.1 mph

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