Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vacation from the Vacation from the Vacation

So, we are back on Lake Winnipesaukee after a time on Cape Cod with friends and family. The time seemed so short there, but also packed full of swimming, sailing, boarding, beaching, great conversations, exquisite meals, and seeing friends and family. I enjoyed my morning paddles on Slough Pond, photographing the clouds, and then the skim on the pond. Our last morning on the Cape we left our rental (a group of 7 of us) and headed for the Flying Fish for one  last meal together before hitting the road. After the breakfast, Claude and I checked his phone to see that the Cape traffic on route 6 didn't look very inviting, so we decided to go to Flax Pond at Nickerson, where we had started our trip, and, coincidentally, where we had our first date exactly five years ago. We read, rested and swam at the pond, and then rented a sailboat and sailed in the rough and tumble winds for a bit. When we finally headed off-Cape, the traffic had cleared up. It's never easy making a transition from one place to the next, but the following day we make the trek back to Meredith, and loaded our two pedal kayaks with belongings and groceries, and, while dragging the inflated paddleboard behind me, we made our way back to Wake with the Sun.

I have a few more photos from the trip left to put up here, and of course, the welcome back photos for our return.  As always, I love to hear from you, and thanks for having a look.

Clouds and Water Play on Slough Pond

Legs in Water

3 Clowns on Slough

3 Paddleboarders on Lake Winnie, Out for a Mail Run in the Morning 

Lake Winni Navigation Marker with Seagull

Flying Fish People

Cape Dinner Food

Near our Dock on Bear Island

Windy Day Cruise, and the Wind Calms Down

Sunset Cruise Return with a Wake with the Sun Wake

Sunrise, Bear Island

Cruise to Braun Bay

We took a trip to Braun Bay near Moultonboro Neck today. This is about 2 1/2 times the distance from Bear to 5 Mile Island. We were expecting it to be quiet, but there was a lot of boat traffic, even on a Tuesday. Boats partying and hanging together near the forest, and personal watercraft checking out the dead-end cove and turning around. While we were hanging we were visited by a canoeist in a beautiful lightweight kevlar kayak. Her family had strong roots as summer people in the area and she told me a bit about the cove and the island we were anchored near. I am sorry I didn't get a photo of her boat. 

A Blueberry Picker - She took them all

Wake with the Sun! Home!

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