Saturday, August 13, 2016

Another Eagle, Sunrises, Friends, The Mt. Washington, and More

So, we are fully back now. Waking with the sun in the morning, and having friends visit. I have more photos of sunrises. We had a very rainy, stormy day on Wednesday. In the morning, the sunrise did not foretell. Then there were some nice clouds that followed. We also have visitors from Vermont this week. Happy to see old friends and eat good food. We took a little swim around the floating potted plants that also have LED solar lights in them. Here are some results.... Hope you enjoy.
Oh, and let me not forget The Mt. Washington... I was kayaking back from Y-Landing and crossed right in front of it!

Picture this Boat Coming At You

Precursor to a Rainy Day

Wake with the Sun in the Rain


Wake of the Kayak

Mt. Washington Boat


Clouds and Trees in the Cove

Morning after the Rain, Fog and Cloud

Sunrise August 11, morning after the rain

Sunrise the morning of the Storm

August `12 Sunrise

A Tangle of Propeller

The Guards of the Flower Pot Buoy/Floats

Bald Eagle in our Hood, Drying Off and Harangued by a Duck

Breakfast and Water Gathering

This morning's breakfast was a true inspiration. Being around good friends who appreciate good cooking really helps. Today I put scraped corn and found black trumpet mushrooms and garlic into the sunny-side up eggs and topped it with manchego cheese. Yumm. 

                                                     At the spring

Eggs with Corn and Black Trumpet Mushrooms, topped with cheese

The Breakfast Clutch

Water Experiments and Clouds and Ducks

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