Thursday, June 30, 2016

Settling In, Dead in the Water

So, we made the big push to arrive at our calm cove near the carry on the East side of Bear Island. And here we are, rested, and waking daily at the very early sunrise here (5ish). I usually head out on my paddleboard first thing, before the boat traffic picks up. Then I go for a swim, and then make us some nice eggs, solar-side up. We are finally into a bit of a routine, and I am finding time to work on my poems and videos and this blog. It's nice to sit in the house, and hear the birds while the water laps the side of the boat. Oh, some news here: First, we put the name of the boat on the boat, so Wake with the Sun is now official (I have photos below). Oh, and sad news, our motor is dead for the moment. We are getting a replacement later this week, but in the meantime, we rely on our pedal kayaks. Good thing we have both of them, as yesterday, I went to Y landing to meet Claude with the groceries. I had the single kayak, and Claude had left the double with the dock. After waiting out a downpour and a thunderstorm, I bailed out both boats and Claude arrived and we really loaded them up with groceries. It's nice to have all that storage space in the kayaks and know we can get around, even with only human motor power.

I have taken some lovely photos recently. Local birds, the house with its new name, the scenery around our neighborhood, and some photos from the water, nearby our cove. Plus, Claude and I work closely together, and I just photographed us working side-by-side, with me working on this blog.

Here you go. Enjoy.

Morning Light in the Tiny House and Out

Near Y Landing

View from the Boat While Moving

Wake with the Sun has a Name


Sunset Light in the Cove

 Killer Shot of Local Duck

Sunset Thunderheads

Shots from the Paddleboard out on the Lake

Carla and Claude, Working Closely Together 


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