Thursday, June 25, 2020


The past few weeks have been encumbered with heat and humidity, but today, though warm, is crisp and breezy and comfortable.

We are still here on the lake, for the most part. and feel very lucky to be here. Are dock garden is starting to bloom, and we harvested 6 heads of lettuce the last time we were back in MA.

We spend most of our time on the water, although since my last post, I made two new videos: one is a cooking video for making a savory vegan microwaved oatmeal. You can find the full recipe on the recipes tab of this blog.

The second in a video about kitchen design, and stars Claude.

I was one enamored of the Mallard ducks in our yard, and in the cove, but now they poop on our paddle boards, and I'm no longer a fan. We also had a visit by a fawn, who lay down to rest under a rock in our yard.

Hope you enjoy this photos.




Messing Around in Boats

One very windy day we took the double pedal kayak out together into a fierce wind and took a wonderful roller coaster ride. The later pictures are of us going out in our two boats, or on the paddle board.

Our Garden

Framingham Blooms and Birds

Every year a set of robins nests under my deck. Here are the most recent of the brood. And I found elderberry plants in bloom around my driveway, and my roses bloomed for the first time in years.

Moving Rocks

And Claude continues his rock and boulder project. Here are some of the tools and stages for the latest boulders to move. 

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