Sunday, October 9, 2016

Roadside,, Windshield, and Pondside Photos, MA, VT, and QUE - Driving with Care

I have been back for a few weeks, and have had a chance to photograph several ponds in the Boston area at the low points: Walden Pond, Ashland Reservoir, and Farm Pond (Sherborn). Each of these ponds has its loveliness, And, I took a road trip to Montreal, and stopped in Vermont along the way and back, so I have numerous roadside photos of farmlands, wetlands, and fields, as well as of friends, and clouds, and wildlife. I also have a photo of the Indian Brook Reservoir in Essex, VT, some of the Charles River and the Winooski River, and many of clouds.

This past weekend we took a nice bike ride with the folding bikes from Farm Pond in Sherborn, over to the Upper Charles Bikeway, which started in Holliston. It was a lovely ride and I have some photos taken from the bike, and others while I stood still. We finished up with a refreshing swim in Farm Pond. Later that evening we had a opportunity to see Jonathan Edwards in concert. He is a great performer with a great band, and is trying to spread the word about preserving what we have here on earth. Seeing the water so low in local ponds and rivers is a sad reminder of how our environment is in flux. I am cherishing every swim I can still take outdoors and also, the beauty I see on country roads as I ride my bike.

I love the beauty and the freedom of riding, and am so saddened to hear now almost weekly, and sometimes daily, of the deaths and injuries to local cyclists around.

Be safe, everyone, and take your time. I saw a sign yesterday from a local memorial stone cutting company, indicating to Take your Time, Drive with Care. We can Wait. 


Cornfield, Vermont

Walden Pond, Ashland Reservoir, Charles River, Farm Pond

Walden Pond, September, Octover

Ashland Reservoir

Charles River

Farm Pond (Sherborn)

Roadside Photography Vermont, and Quebec Province

Clouds, Flowers, Roadsides

Adams Farm, Williston

Williston Roadsides

Winooski River, Dry Beds, Williston

Williston Fields


Williston Fields

Winooski River, Dry Beds, Williston

Fields of Williston

Mt. Mansfield View

Adams Farmworker Transport

Crossing the Border into CA

Que. Province Fields and Stream

Windshield Driveby Photography

Crossing back into the US

Clouds in Vermont

Indian Brook Reservoir in the Mist

Vermont Patio Architecture, Wetlands, and Clouds

Montreal and Environs

Yoga Kitty

Lavalle Rapids 

Atwater Market

Funny-nosed Buskers at the Market (in Motion)

Market Food

Local Street, NDG

Near the Highway, Public Works

St. Laurent (River) near Lachine

Dragon Boat

Bikeway, Upper Charles

Jonathan Edwards, Strong at 70

and his band, Rob Duquette and Tom Snow


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  2. Fun to get to spend some time viewing your photos. Makes me miss going to Montreal. It's been years. Loved the produce photos with the beautiful chanterelles. Nice to be able to enlarge some like the New England aster photos and the Cartier quote.

    Jonathan Edwards continues to be an energetic performer and presence--an old friend of my brother's who played at his wedding. Good energy.

    On to the more recent blogs to catch up.

    John Payne