Thursday, August 17, 2017

Island Visitors, Mail Boat Visit, and More

After about a week of visitors, sharing good food and our island life with friends, plus 2 more rescues, we are back here chilling until we head out to AMC's Three-Mile Island Camp on Sat. That is except for me, as I will zip home to take part in the Boston Poetry Marathon Friday night.

We had some lovely visits. One friend came by kayak, and the others we ferried by the solar-powered houseboat. The winds have been high quite a bit, so traveling back and forth has taken some planning and effort.

And there was a lovely "block party" for our portion of Bear Island, and we enjoyed meeting other islanders, as well as giving tours of the boat.

Of course there are the usual sunset and sunrise photos. And we had a trip to the mail dock.

And I finished a new video. One of my subscribers requested a video that "depicted" the sounds of the boat. Here is the result. I hope you like it.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

As always, lovely to hear from you. a first photo was a complete inspiration. The first pie ever baked with the toaster oven from Wake with the Sun. It's a blueberry peach pie with a gluten free crust. I will give the recipe soon I hope.

Start with the basics: Food with Friends

The first meal you see is a salad I made here on Bear Island, as well as a chicken and rice and vegetable stew I made in the instant pot. All were delicious. And as for the pie above,  the peaches came from my friend's tree, and the blueberries came from a blueberry farm in Tyngsboro, MA. It disappeared in the one sitting of dinner.

The next photo is taken at Giuseppe's Restaurant in Meredith, NH, and the following photo is taken at our Bear Island kitchen.

Even Movie Stars Have to Sleep

Mail Boat Ritual

Sunrises, Sunsets

Random touring photos

Boat in the Window

Night Travel

Water photos

I took these photos with the waterproof camera. One day I took a pedal kayak ride to the Ozone Islands just to see if I could be comfortable in the kayak for some length of time. 

My attempt at kayak rescue via pedal kayak thwarted by a motor boat.

Swimmer with Swimming Bouy